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The Design Process


When you commission a piece of furniture from us we work really closely with you to ensure that you receive something that is exclusive to you.

We invite you to visit our studio in Delgany, Wicklow where we will be delighted to show you some examples of our work to give you an indication of what we can achieve for you. We then discuss your specific requirements while presenting you with sample materials and finishes to help visualize where your initial concept may go.

We then give you a broad guideline of cost and what’s entailed in the making of your furniture while endeavoring to match how much you would like to invest in your project. Where you have architects drawings we can work with these but as needed we welcome the opportunity to visit your home to survey the space to consider its architectural qualities against your concept.


THE PROPOSAL – A design tailor made for you

Following this meeting work begins on a concept design which best fits your requirements. Drawings are prepared to visualize the concept and its design details, images and sample finishing touches are prepared to support the design and a presentation is put together for you for your next meeting.


PRESENTATION – You and your new design

Another meeting is arranged at our studio allowing us to go through the features of the new design with you. This meeting allows you to respond to the design, giving you the opportunity to collaborate with us to develop the concept until you are happy with the overall design. All amendments are noted for redrafting. We then go through finishes and fixtures that will accompany the design and finally potential costs involved. A booking deposit of 5% is placed to secure design amendments and release of drawings.



On receipt of the booking deposit, we work closely with your architect and contractor to ensure our workshop drawings accommodate the build as it is progressing. Upon agreement the final drawings will be presented for sign off prior to production. Once these are signed off a further deposit of 50% of the project value is required, it is at this point the delivery date is agreed upon.


MAKING YOUR FURNITURE – The art of Cabinetry

Cillían’s long and varied experience of contemporary, traditional and antique furniture coupled with his expertise and attention to detail in craftsmanship ensures that “quality” is our trademark. Each piece is unique and is treated as such with Cillían personally supervising its creation at every stage of its manufacture. The process normally takes approximately six – eight weeks from approval of the technical drawings. You will be informed of the progress of your commission and its alignment with your building works.



Notification will be made that the piece is ready and a request made for the space into which it goes to be prepared to receive it. After receiving the final balance, we will arrange for your furniture to be delivered and installed by our skilled installers. Our team have a strict code of conduct to adhere to while in your home. They are expected to show respect to you, your home and your belongings, the work space must be kept safe and cleaned up after each stage of installation regardless of finish. Prior to completion they are expected to go through the work with you to make clear what has been done, any outstanding works and any issues you need clarification on.


After everything is completed Cillían will personally call on you to inspect the installation and to discuss any issues. He will then go through your new furniture with you explaining all its details and how to care for it.

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