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Cillían has been crafting furniture for over 20 years; his expertise comes through his extensive knowledge, understanding and passion for the material he works with.

Together with his team with a collective background in traditional cabinet making, manufacturing and product design, they encompass a wide range of knowledge and understanding of what is required to design and manufacture the highest quality furniture.

Working with You

First and foremost we are furniture makers who aim to deliver quality and value for money on every project.

We work in close collaboration with clients, both professionals and private to create inspiring designs that meet their unique desires. We’re highly experienced in design and can offer you an insight into how your own designs can be realised.

Each piece begins with a blank sheet of paper. We meet informally with the client in the space where the furniture is to reside.

Starting from scratch we ask the client to make a “wish list” based on their lifestyle and how they use the furniture/space now and how they would like to see it being used in the future. This meeting is crucial for understanding your needs. Sometimes, an apparently minute detail can prove to be the success of the design.

From here, we can tailor your design and create fully defined illustrations so that no detail goes unnoticed. Each design is overseen by Cillían who will discuss in detail the pros and cons of the various options and related costs with you. It is not until all these elements are discussed and in place that we proceed with manufacture and installation.


At Cillían Johnston we anticipate the highest quality in furniture design and craftsmanship. Using the finest materials personally selected by Cillían, our furniture is crafted in a style and manner that combines the timeless aesthetics of traditional craftsmanship with the precision of modern technology.

Creating your furniture necessitates the expertise of a skilled craftsman to achieve the required perfection. Our craftsmen have been with Cillían since their apprenticeship and are encouraged to treat their work as an expression of themselves.

Under the stewardship of Cillían, our expertise is continually developing and evolving, and it is this ingenuity and flair that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. We take great pride in the knowledge that our furniture comes to you built to the highest standard and finish.

We use a large variety of hardwoods such as Oak, Walnut, Cherry & Maple, all of which are from accredited sustainable sources. All of our wood is personally handpicked by Cillían to ensure that only the finest material is used.

Only pieces that portray his passion for perfection are included. Even manufactured boards are treated to the most rigorous inspection.

Where material does not meet with the approval of his highly trained eye, Cillían will not compromise until he finds the perfect material to work with. This enduring image of dedication and professionalism ensures a product perfectly primed for you to delight in.

Each furniture piece is meticulously inspected by Cillían throughout the process to meet his renowned standards for quality and precision.

Cillían invites you gaze upon the finished product, assured in the knowledge that he has sourced the best in beauty and character from across the length and breadth of Ireland.

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